Real Refurb’s live exhibition “Retrofit” launches at CREATE

Jan 21st 2012

Today saw the launch of Real Refurb’s live exhibition, “Retrofit”, at CREATE.  This will run over the next 3 months, with step-by-step measures being shown live at key events over that time.

Based within our studio set of a Victorian terrace, today’s event launched  “Fabric First” – Phase One of a Real Refurb where the key word is ‘Repair’.  Throughout the day we had approx. 50 visitors, who all learnt more about the importance of repairs and regular maintenance, and their role in a retrofit plan.  We also touched on many other aspects of retrofitting, from planning to engaging specialists and identifying appropriate solutions, subjects which the exhibition aims to cover step-by-step over the next three months.

The most frequent topics of discussion on the day were:

- preventing / managing condensation & heat loss associated with single glazed sash windows

- clarification of the differences between natural paints and so-called ‘eco’ paints

- what exactly ‘hempcrete’ is & where it can fit in to the retrofit story

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