Real Refurb & Bristol Green Doors

With the arrival of Real Refurb’s “Retrofit” exhibition at the Create centre this month, we have teamed up with Bristol Green Doors to provide our retrofit factsheet information for their website.

Bristol Green Doors is a great local organisation that made an immediate positive impression with its first ‘open homes’ weekend back in Sept 2010, enabling people to talk to, and listen to, the experiences and results from homeowners & their builders about various refurbishment projects they have undertaken to make their homes warmer, healthier & more efficient.  It has since gone on to hold two well-attended tecnology-focussed events, ‘Insulation Celebration’ and ‘Solar Saturday’, and is busy putting the finishing touches to their first ‘open homes’ weekend of 2012.

We already have a “Retrofit” Factsheet, (an overview of the whole), and an “Insulation” Factsheet, with the “Repairs & Maintenance” Factsheet in production this week, and further Factsheets due weekly throughout the exhibition.

We will continue to find ways to collaborate further with Bristol Green Doors and other local businesses and organisations in order to provide comprehensive information, training, materials and installation services to enable householders to undertake successful retrofits that improve both their building and their comfort levels in their home.  If you are interested in coming on board, please contact us.

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